Skid Row ~ Thick Skin
New Generation
(Bolan ~ Snake)
I sold my soul for you.  You cut my life in two.  Nightmares
from what I've seen and where I've been made me run from
you again
Controlling, Big Brothers eye.  Containment?  I'd rather die
we're all part of a new generation sold our souls to the
next temptation lead us not to our own damnation
I've seen what hatred brings.  I've seen the flesh of kings
Blinded my eyes my mouth you've sewn it shut
protecting me from fucking up?
(Bolan ~ Johnson ~ Snake)

I feel the things I said but
never said how I felt
I know I waited much too long
could I get it in your head
Without a hit below the belt
looking back it seems that I
went about it all wrong.
Lying alone in the bed we
made watching headlights on
the shade The ghost that's
sleeping by your side are my
promises to you that died.
Was it long ago when forever
was our friend
but now freedoms what I feel
It hurts so much to let you go
to know we'll never touch
When I walk if I fall down
Can I take it in stride?
I might let you go but I'll
never go away

Swallow Me (The Real You)
(Bolan ~ Snake)
Everythings changed
all ties are strained to say
the least.  Concepts deranged
it's just the way I see you
only I see the real you
You can't swallow me.  I'm jagged
as the pill you choke on
You can't swallow me as long
as I can see the real you
I can't be blamed to feel this
way more and more.
Everythings strange
I won't let you pull me down
I got my shit together now
I won't let you pull me down I
got my shit together
Born A Beggar
(Bolan ~ Hill ~ McCabe ~ Snake)
As the day breaks through the doorway
and I'm still chained to this house but you call me and I
follow and act like I'm so proud.  Still reading the
sidewalk and it smells like morning news and I don't
know why I still can't seem to pull away from you.  Watch
the window time means nothing.  Watch the window til I
see you coming.  Born a begger will you ever see me more
than Pavlovs hungry dog see no colors live another day
to feed on everything you are.  When the day sleeps and
the sunshine no longer burns my eyes and the sound of
your footsteps is the only thing that lies between me
and the feeling that life is these four walls that cage
me completely just waiting on your call.  I run for you
and fall so hard.  My secrets are buried in the yard.
Thick Is The Skin
(Bolan ~ Snake)
Eightball hanging overhead flushed
out like Frankenstein one more for the living dead that's
not me this time knocked down I've been down before yet
still we bare the load if I could want it anymore I just
might explode All your heroes have died and left you to
rise from the ashes and live for today Can you take it
all when we're standing tall we don't need a wall built
around us Jump into the flame one and all the same we
won't feel the pain Thick is the Skin Thick is the Skin
Outside still looking in I'll keep what I've made mine
timebomb strapped to my chin step down or fall in line
See You Around
(Bolan ~ Johnson ~ Snake)
I never promised you the sunshine you never handed me the
moon we're pulling threads out of our faded silver lining
we've grown out of our cocoon The last train is leaving
there's nothing more that I can say I didn't mean to bring
you down I guess I'll see you around
I left the best of my intentions.  Took it one day at a time
it's not like all is lost or that the world is ending we've
just fallen from the vine.  Whatever direction we go rest
assured the one thing We know thing just really didn't go
our way
Mouth Of VooDoo
(Bolan ~ Snake ~ Solinger)
You're testing my patience
I've got nothing but time
You'll never break down the
walls in my mind.  Your fetishes
are nothing more than a game
When I truly test your threshold
of pain.  Let me be in your
ceremony burn me in your ritual
I can rise with you below me
We'll walk in time as we fall
into the mouth of VooDoo
Then we can shine, shine, shine
and I'm sure the sun won't mind
Then we can shine, shine, shine
Your love is so blinding my lust
is a curse it's painful to wonder
but waiting is worse
You're sticking your pins now
it's taking it's toll
crush and obsession leave scars
on your soul

One Light
(Bolan ~ Snake)
There's a sound in my head.  Holy wine,
breakin' bread between time and what
we said drifts the innocence we've
shed.  In this moment there's a day for
a sad and broken babe.  There's a
fracture on this hallowed ground
Where we lay One light burns, one
light fades.  Behind the door are
better days.  When the light
shines on me I'll know the world
still turns.  One light burns.
There's a prayer on the wall.
One by one say them all.
Why we run before we crawl stands
the reasons that we fall
In the flower there's a field.  Sublime
but so surreal.  There's a fracture on
this sacred ground to be healed.
I Remember You Two
(Bolan ~ Snake)
Refer to the Skid Row Lyrics for these!
(Bolan ~ Snake)
I have been here for so long I've carried all the
weight 'til something pulls me underneath the tide.  Climb
to where the air is so thin so I can breathe again.  Still it
makes me wonder deep inside.  Nothin's free, no-one
bleeds, we're all machines.  Shadows of your sins are
following you.  When it sucks you in it's swallowing you,
King of the mountain that's what I am.  Everybodys
someone elses sarificial lamb.  Space between the world
and me, defying gravity 'til something pulls me closer to
the ground.  Drink the chemicals we spill.  Our eye is on
the kill while hell is freezing over, over.
Down From Underground
(Bolan ~ Johnson ~ Snake)
Building shrines to gods you'll
never know praying for rain
settling for snow.  Spinning out of
times to beats impaired.  Do you
know your name do you even care?
Can you live your life staring at
the lights naked on the ice?  If it
comes to fast will you get it
back when it all goes black?
Down.  Goin Down.
Goin down from. Down from
Icons that you hail are all
feeling the pull lost in the fold
Digging through a
hole of discontent
What did you learn?
or did you forget?
And just what should real life
be?  Why don't you show me the
fiction of reality.
This so called life that I see
and just what real life should be
can't be what you have shown me
Hittin' A Wall
(Bolan ~ Hill ~ Snake)
Peel me like dead skin hate to the
bone drag you through my field of thorns and drop you
like a stone Hold me under water kick me to the curb
all my wolves are at your door take me at my word
Hittin a wall we're hittin a wall you look at me and
you're seeing a monster you ain't seen it all
If you're almighty holier than thou seems we've got a
discrepancy we should solve it now I've built a bigger
mountain now you want it gone if you expect to beat
me down brother bring it on.  You want to wrestle with
my morals you think there's something I can learn You
toss me out like an abortion And I'm the one that
fucking burns?