Welcome!  Okay, I'll try to sum up this section quickly.  Basically the use of this section is for me to speak out if I think there is something that needs to be said, without taking up space on the main site.  You will notice that much of the text from the main site has been moved here.  So, if you are new to the site, curious about my reasons for creating the site, or simply just want to see what I have to say then this will be the place to come for the most part.  Enjoy your visit!
Jammie aka Storm
Thank you for visiting my Skid Row site!  I consider myself a true fan and respect each member as well as the musical talent they possess.  This site was built in respect to all 8 members of Skid Row.  The site is for fans of old as well as new and is updated frequently.  I do want to hear your opinions but do not want any "bashing" of any member, past or present, on this site.  If I were to allow that then I would not consider this site an honor to the band.
I will try my best to provide updated information on each member.  However, there may be more information found on one member than another.  Unfortunately, this is the present situation.  This is not favoritism on my behalf, it's just the way things are right now.  I want to be fair all around, to you, the band, as well as myself.  So, I have decided that for the moment no more than 10 links per individual member will be on the links page at a time.  I feel that the most informative and the most current links should be the ones up at any given point.  Therefore the remaining links, if any, will be stored on the group at EGroups.  Another way to handle this may be for me to rotate the links ever so often.  I hope that you can understand my point of view and think that it is fair.  Please keep an open mind to all things outside this site.  However, I do not necessarily share the views expressed. 
My soul purpose is to provide you with the latest information.  In order to do this I may sometimes have to put up things that I don't agree with.  I believe in speaking your mind 100% but I will not tolerate anything exceeding debates.  In other words I refuse to tolerate flame wars.  Please keep that in mind so that with your help this site will be able to remain here for an extended period of time.
Jammie S. Foster
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